Field Investigation: Cambodia (Kampong Luong)

This series of posts are copied from my handwritten journal. I’ve forgotten how much I love the feeling of pen to paper; at the same time I find it necessary (and safe) to keep a digital copy. 🙂 It’s been a lovely 2 weeks, and I don’t want to lose these bits like I’ve lost the bits of FS, so here they go 🙂

When I first entered Kampong Luong, I thought: Isn’t all these so incredible and amazing? I feel like I’m granted a privilege to sneak to peek at the lives of these people, and how they manage their ways of life. How adaptable humans are!

19 Sept – Kampong Luong Fishing Village
Today I wrapped myself in a sarong, sat on the wooden planks at the front of my host’s house and showered with the water of the Tonle Sap, under the night sky of stars. And I loved it, I feel that surge of joy once again – that same familiar joy I got from FS.
Of course, a part of me secretly knows that this is only because it’s a one-time experience for me – rowing boats as the only way to navigate (to school, markets, neighbors…), living with the ways they do, having to uproot their homes and to shift them some kilometers away every few months along with the rising tides of the lake… But they make do. Solar panels to power the switches. Looking up and having the lizards blinking nonchalantly above you. Such ways of life.

I forgot what writing, pen to paper, is like. It’s been far too many years. No backspacing, no deletions, no edits – my thoughts and words pure in form, I suppose. Not to mention the flurried, scribble handwriting that captures my mood I suppose. At this point, the page has ended and hence I hurry off –
House tour:

 View opposite our humble abode

 Shower space – here, I dangled my feet off the planks and washed my hair under the stars

 Toilet, everything goes into the lake… and 5m away, they wash the bowls………


At night, I could hear fishes splashing beneath me