Hakodate – (Sea)food!

Hakodate – peppered with crabs and seafood, freshly cooked, along the streets.
Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market)

Crab ramen

When I ate the crab, I felt guilty because I had to use my hands to tear open its limbs and scrape out its flesh. Also, watching the scallop die before me as the fire beneath it cooks it alive. Humans, we cheer when we know we have it ‘fresh’ – to cook it and consume it in one swift action was considered ‘better’ of sorts, and yet there was something strangely morbid about it. Feeling pleased because something (animal, edible creature) takes its last breath moments before you get to taste its flesh. I am a hypocrite of course, very clearly so. I enjoy these seafood but to have to witness its life and death within such close proximity was uncomfortable. Selfish I suppose, very anthropocentric stance, wanting to relish and consume yet cowarding the whole time behind the estrangement caused by the forgotten lives in my food. Then again, what about grass, aren’t they alive too? 

Point is, having to peel open and scrape their flesh, watching them crawling alive in the tanks prior to my meal removes the element of estrangement by reminding me that they were only alive moments ago. And that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable enough to turn vegan though. 

It was $13sgd though which seems a little pricey… but in the context of a restaurant…… 

Melt-in-your-mouth Hokkaido cheesecake

Here, they handed you a rod and you were to catch a squid with it. The lady at the counter will then proceed to slice the squid apart, its tentacles crawling meanwhile, before sending it to the fire.

ice cream. very jappy


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