Hokkaido! Sapporo

Hokkaido was always a childhood dream of sorts. Hokkaido! Japan! Its glorious winter!

It was beautiful, I loved the snow, the food was great, I love taking pictures in the beautiful setting and having my family there to witness it all. The thing about family trips is that we leave the planning part to Papa (which is great!! having our personal tour guide without the hassle of going down to all the tedious details, no responsibilities…) which leaves me forgetting the places I’ve been to, the names of the streets.

We landed on a platform of white. Snow, dancing along the glass panel; fine soft flakes blowing gently across the windowpane. No wonder writers were so poetic about winter. The fresh bed of white, the chilly temperature, and the flakes of snow pouring mercilessly, dancing relentlessly in the wind. There’s a certain sort of complexity to this season. Snowfall was romance, and tragedy; beauty and bitterness. It was life, and it was death.


Was the ramen necessarily tastier? Hmm… not really, in my opinion. Then again, I’m not the most discerning person in terms of food HAHAHA

We bought the 4-day flexible pass that costs $250sgd per person. It’s pretty gross to think about how it costs a thousand dollars for our family, simply on transport (and only the rail transport).
In the 10 days (?) we went to Sapporo > Hakodate > Otaru > Sapporo
Train rides! My favourite. 

I spy with my geographical eye – posters on earthquakes

I spy with my geographical eye – sign on tsunami

How annoying is it to have to get rid of all that snow before you step in to drive?

A few months ago I wrote:

The time of the year where Dad starts scrolling through YouTube videos of others’ travels, proclaiming that we ‘travel there for what, can just see the videos’ but eagerly planning the trip himself. Hokkaido at the end of the year! I hope in the future I can be like Dad – sometimes I feel like this planning of holiday trips each year is something he looks forward to, perhaps the annual highlight of his years (?) It is not about having a big car, a big house, eating high-class restaurant food each week; like him, I have adopted this mentality, and in many ways I think I will be like him – careful with my spendings, and spending on what’s important to me. What’s important to me? What’s important to you? Will try not to fall slave to this capitalist society, may I be a constant reminder to myself. (This could be my young, naive self speaking – I truly wonder what I’d think in the next 7 years?)
I’m so, so privileged to be able to travel with my family each year, and for having a Dad that secretly enjoys planning the trips each year – half a year – I just feel tremendously lucky. I would choose this any day over hectic schedules and a gigantic mansion of empty rooms. (That said, it is not a clear-cut binary, an either-or.) 

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