Mount Moiwa (Sapporo) / Mount Hakodate Ropeway


 Next to us, 2 Japanese men offered us some chicken chunks they weren’t able to finish. Such kindness :’)

I mixed the two together because, well, I suppose there’s a part of me that’s grown weary from cable-car top-down panoramic views of the urbanscape. How sad! I know! But it’s the truth (for now) I guess. All too similar – you take the cable car up, you look down as the buildings grow smaller, the urban structure, the infinite skyline of the urban landscape. Developed, structured urbanised landscape. Pushing forth nationalist narratives of development, showcasing their nation’s progression and modernity (ha, ha). And the darker, unseen, marginalised portions of the city…? (then again, my desire to see that – is it just to fulfill some sort of sadistic pleasure I have to View the Poor)
lalala, la la la


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