Sapporo – Asahiyama Zoo

Good morning Sapporo!
Today we headed to the Asahiyama Zoo. 
weird animals

– gush gush –

what’s this, needle-like leaves surviving in the cold? note for my future class

so prettyyyyy -gush-

‘merry christmas in advance!’ he sniffs
View from our hotel
We’ve been to a couple of zoos before, and this one was special because 1) it was snowing pretty heavily, 2) they had special ‘viewing spots’ that allowed you to stick your head out to look at the animals close-up, in the middle of their (caged) habitat. The tiger and lion looked pretty sad, walking the same paths back and forth several times. The bear, too. Are these thoughts of sympathy human-imposed? Do they really feel caged? Or is it the anthropocentric value we place on freedom?

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