Sapporo’s Chocolate Factory (Bai Se Lian Ren)

Ah, the frequently highlighted bai se lian ren!

Bai se lian ren drink! About $3 each I think. Or was it $2.20 (??) Anyway, basically a little overpriced. Smooth texture, creamy delicious chocolatey milkey taste. Yummmmmm

Expired film. Gross brown stuff creeping along its edges, ruining what would otherwise be one of my favourite polaroids 😥

Inside the factory:
Workers carefully examining each piece. They seem to toss aside some upon closer examination, while the rest gets sent in the conveyor belt for packaging. What happens to those they toss aside?!?!! GIVE THEM TO ME!!!! I exclaim from behind the glass panel.

It was a pretty small museum, but I guess this part ^ where you got to see the workers at work was pretty interesting. Always a fan of behind-the-scenes. We covered the place in about an hour. And nope, the boxes of bai se lian rens here weren’t any cheaper. 😦


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