Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – the economic heart of Vietnam. Stepping into its streets was the familiar sight of motorcycles zooming past. The relentless motorbike traffic, the cacophony of horns, the bustling murmur of the streetside stalls.
Hello, Vietnam!

Ho Chi Minh has been on my to-visit list for quite awhile. Having heard / read so much about the commercial centre it just felt essential. I know about its busy, chaotic streets; the migrants that come to the city in search of the green beacon of hope; a vague impression of its relevance to the Vietnam War.

My qtpie friends and I
Brief notes in random places:

Mark, the guy in the same hostel room as us, had been living here for about 3 months now. He studied anthropology – of humans and their ways of life. Research. Living with them for minimum a year, three years. He spent a year in Mexico with goat farmers, he had friends doing research on indigenous groups in the Amazon. I asked if he had knew his life path would turn this way, he said he knew it about 6 months into the course (2008). Then again, it came with certain opportunity costs of course. Friends that settled down, had kids… Dreams, and lives chosen and unchosen.

Cities and ‘danger’ – Colombia wasn’t dangerous, he felt safer in Colombia than, say, Ecuador or Peru. Sigh. 
We went into Loft Cafe

A beautiful clock decor that allowed the gentle sun rays to stream through. Perfect work setting.

Literary Wall, I like (albeit with spelling errors)

Ah, the elusive Lunch Lady of Saigon. Highly rated by TripAdvisor and myself, I had to admit the food did live up to my expectations. It was the best streetstall food I tasted in Saigon, for a really cheap price too (less than 50,000 VND I believe)

  1. Address: Phường Đa Kao, District 1 (Quan 1), Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
  2. Will visit again if I ever revisit HCM!


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