Da Lat – Night Market

12.30 – 4.30 – a 4 hour bus ride from Mui Ne to HCM
We went to the Da Lat market at night. Here, we asked a man for directions – he glanced at the map, nodded, and beckoned for us to jump on his motorbike. We got on at the back of his seat and rode off. Within minutes he brought us to the market. Ah, the kilometers we would have had to walk!
Not that I minded walking of course. Long walks were also strangely one of my favourite parts in exploring a city.
But his kind gesture and the surge of thrill I felt as we rode off in the wind just reminded me of how much I love this. This was part of why I loved exploring, where random kind acts happen, like you chancing upon a gem in the middle of the street. Of course, there was always the possibility that we might have been brought to be sold off – i whispered to lyn to mentally prepare to jump off if anything felt too dodgy. still, nothing happened and we arrived to a bustling street.

^ i dont know the name of this, but it was one of the best thing i’ve tasted in vietnam, no doubt

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