Easyriders Tour with Tiny Tigers Hostel

our easyriders tour started at 8am in the morning. our itinerary had several places of interest – the flower farm, the coffee sites, the elephant waterfalls, dalanta waterfall, some mushroom farm (we chose to scrape and opted for crazy house instead).
picture spam

well, I had my first weasel coffee at the two coffee sites – one was handmade, the other was machine-made. undeniably, as lousy as a coffee-taster as I was (too much coffee gives me heart palpitations) I could tell that the hand-made was far superior. I gladly say (with the limited coffee knowledge that I have) that the hand-made weasel coffee is the best coffee, most fragrant coffee I’ve had in my life.

yummy. waterfalls.
i don’t know why, but when I look at these sites of nature, I think they’re absolutely beautiful and the adjective that comes to me is ‘yummy’, yum yum, consuming it, licking my lips thereafter, yummmmm


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