Golden Dunes of Mui Ne

5 hour bus ride from HCM to Mui Ne

I love long bus rides, the time I spend in limbo – asleep and then awake, reading till i decide to doze off, then waking up again. listening to the right soundtrack while the world rolls by, the cool breeze finding its way in.

chasing skylight

The beautiful sand dunes of Mui Ne. It stretched beyond my expectations – the sky was blue, the sunrise was glorious, the soft breeze caressed our hair. I was with my friends of a decade in a setting like this. It was lovely and the key highlight of the trip.

We woke up before the crack of dawn. At 4.30am, the jeep picked us up at our hostel. I vaguely recall techno music blasting loudly as we sailed along the streets; I was barely awake and nodded off for awhile (but I do remember my other 2 cray friends laughing for no reason I was aware of HAHHA)


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