Mui Ne – Fishing Village and Fairy Stream

In Mui Ne the Sand Dunes tour was clearly the highlight. Only costing $7 USD, it’s truly a great deal considering the spectacular scenery we encountered. We opted for the private sunrise tour with our hostel (Mui Ne Backpackers Village) for $12 (or was it 10?) USD so the three of us had plenty of time and flexibility in our schedule.

I’d dedicate an entire post to the dunes; here’s part 2 of our tour after the dunes:

the backbone of a stream

planting my feet on mother earth

1. Fishing village

These reminded me of Kampong Luong. How are they? At this moment, were they stretching their backs to the crack of dawn, slicing the fishes and preparing prahok? Were there young children learning how to row from their silver round tubs? Were they splashing happily on the lake? When we eat our fishes, it really slips our minds that these came from the efforts of fishermen (or women) with stories, families and homes.

Next was the way to the fairy stream:

Gradient of colours. How beautiful! Mother Earth, mother earth, moments like these I feel a deep gratitude for being able to witness another of these beautiful landscapes and landforms.

So rude,


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