The Vietnam War (Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Remnants Museum)

More poignantly it struck me how much geography was intertwined with history; borders and geopolitics, territoriality, how existing inequalities of today and geographies of wealth and power are shaped by historical roots.
 War Remnants Museum with the Cu Chi tunnels tour.
Here, visitors were allowed to pay some money to shoot from heavy-looking guns. I assume some of these were instances of weapons used during the war. 
I could hear the shots from some distance away, even before I saw the shooting sites. These auditory effects were complementary in enabling me to visualize how it might have been for the soldiers at that point (though i acknowledge that what i can picture is not even the very tip of the iceberg, of course.) 

from a quora answer:
‘It is my understanding that Vietnam is not under a communist regime, the same way China is not under a communist regime. Both party call themselves communist, but none of them are actually communist. Vietnam went through a similar economical reformation in 80s, and is now a capitalist country.’

I asked Brian about this, and he did mention something along these lines. I didn’t manage to ask a Vietnamese about this, but this is a question I’ll keep in mind for the future.

Reading through pages on Vietnam and the Vietnam war. Really happy to do these, it’s time I understand things like these, history I’ve always heard about in passing but never attempted to comprehend. I find that my interest in the history of places has grown over the years – another slow change as I seep into adulthood (and beyond). I know my teenage self was pretty apathetic; travelling then was more about sights and beautiful pictures. They still consist of that, but my present self seeks to understand more about the country – the culture, the history, their thinkings and perceptions, their ways of living. Compare their perceptions and framing of history to what I know. I would like to return home more enriched than before, I think that’s the most important of all. Sigh, this is me in my years of young adulthood. I think back to what my respondent said – the meaning / purpose of travel changes with age. I wonder (as always) about my future selves.

I wish I had three lives – as with a computer game

In these days I am reminded of my reasons for travelling alone. Maybe because I am still in the midst of exploring myself. All too often I get influenced by what others think I am – and perhaps that was an innate need for me to break free, to explore myself and to be capable of making decisions, assessing my own risks, planning my own interests, my ways of doing things. I needed to understand what I could be – not what I have shaped myself to be perceived to be. These points would always be proven and reinforced in a cyclical manner, I needed to cut these chains and divert myself to another direction of understanding of myself. I guess that’s one of the pushing factors. I’m unclear of the person that I am, and I wanted to understand more.

All of it is self-imposed, I know, I know.


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