Ubud, Bali

Hello Bali!
The thing about Bali (Ubud) that surprised me was the juxtaposition of the old and the modern. Historical ruins of sorts were seen along the streets, and every now and then you’d pass by these shops that stood out with their shining glass panels, their quirky fonts or indie-looking products that seemed too new to fit into this landscape. It was interesting, of course, how they stuck themselves and were peppered along the historical-looking architecture of the streets. It seemed to me that this place was catered to tourists, in some ways crafted, enacted, for the influx of international visitors or retirees perhaps. I mean, Pandora?? High-end bags and clothing placed next to a stall selling batik shawls, baskets and mosaic plates. Cafés with shiny glass panels and modern-looking furniture that hinted nothing of the grungy streets outside. Jarring indeed, and very interesting. 
example of hippie, modern cafe
Other quirky bits:

Upon landing in Denpansar Airport, we caught a cab to Ubud and stopped along Cajan street, one of the main areas with homestays lining the streets. 

the path by which we walk (homestay)

homestay granny

I could understand why Bali held the roots of the ‘eat pray love’ phenomena – it was peaceful walking along the streets, you could see shops every now and then showcasing art pieces. The openly embraced art scene made me like the city a little more.

Some of my favourite meals I’d like to remember:


Final meal in Ubud, after the exhausting 2 days. I wrote: ‘Woke up for dinner – finally, some food. It occurred to me that we had been eating about 1 meal a day or something. This is the trip of weight loss, really. I wasn’t particularly hungry either. 

Walked around a little, went back to sleep. Slept till the morning, lunch at a lovely place with a wonderful view of the rice field. The rice field I’ve wanted to see! Hahaha. They waved gently in the wind as we sat there with our avocado milkshakes and duck. It was a lovely meal to end our trip.’
And of course, the hiking – the bulk of the trip and truly, i think the most amazing thing i’ve done to date (other than impending grad trip, which is not yet over)


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