Sao Paulo

Driving along stretches and stretches of graffiti art – a public space for showcasing their art. I suppose it’s quite nice to do a large a big one, kind of like claiming ownership over particular spaces – repainting over old ones and layering and conquering spaces. How dynamic.


I saw Japanese dolls along the walls as well
So beautiful
As you drive along the streets you can see beauty everywhere
I turn my head and I see stretches of art


If I lived in a place like this, would I be more inclined to hone my artistic talent? Perhaps I would. I love the idea of claiming space, painting over it to make my own. Have people walk past my art and appreciate it, even for a split second, in the mundanity of the everyday.
I feel some sort of strange delight seeing Asian people walking down the streets. Asian people! Wow! In Rio I seriously felt like the only Asian.
I saw an Asian man holding the hands of a Brazilian woman. Seeing how uncommon it is (to me), the caucasian-female-asian-male pair, I wonder if it’s the same here, or if they’ve been so integrated they hold no such thoughts when they couple up.
What can I say? What can I say except how immeasurably happy I am, and how I live for such days?




Museum for Japanese
Japanese community
Lanterns that look like Japanese lanterns










Japanese + Blacks look like Bolivians (??)
Lesbians can get married but not in a church
Mixed Japanese Brazilian families don’t necessarily celebrate Japanese festivals
Her surprise at buff or big sized or fat Asians
So funny via they don’t believe I can’t speak Portuguese cause I look like I live in libertadad LOL



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