En route to Argentina from Iguazu

bus to argentina
It’s just so incredible to see the word ARGENTINA stretched so casually across the bus front. I mean, ARGENTINA. What I’ve only heard about, I’m actually going to Argentina. Bursting with excitement inwardly on the bus.
Really bad at remembering details, but basically I caught a bus and got off at Brazilian border, got my stamp, got on the next bus there to Argentinean border, got my Argentinean stamp, baggage scanned and checked, then boarded the same bus.
And then, like that, I had arrived in Argentina.

After some rushing I used my remaining reals and got on a bus to Argentina!! Frankly, the previous information I had read up on the buses and all – I realise I abandon aside when I’m here. There’s so many buses at the terminal I simply go to one and if the timing sounds reasonable I get on. This was departing in 10 minutes- and here I am, on a semi-cama to buenos aires!!!!!!!!!!
My life is so good right now, I think to myself as I place both feet at the feet rester of the bus. I love love love love love love this
I take in the Argentinean skies, the Argentinean trees, the Argentinean roads – I’m being melodramatic of course, they weren’t that much different. Still, I’m in Argentina, and I feel ridiculously happy.

Love overland border crossings, they remind me of the kinds of power that humans can infuse upon imaginary lines. Such a beautiful day, I gape excitedly at this unfamiliar landscape as I stay stuck on the bus for the next 18 hours ~
I stare with wonder as 2 Argentinians boarded. Their dressing, the blankets they held, her hoop earrings – I know I’m other-ing, but it’s very interesting.
Such a beautiful day to roll by the Argentinian countryside!!!! I couldn’t help gaping out of the window as the bus passed by. The cars, the buildings; the trees and the orange fruits on the, the pale blue of the sky peppered with white cotton clouds, the orangey texture of the roads. And then you had the cows nibbling the patch of pale green grass. At the front seat you could see the stretch of roads that lay ahead. Love. Amazing isn’t it, to cross some border and arrive in a different environment. The people, the colour of the roads, the sort of cars and colours you see. I suppose these feelings are augmented by the fact that some Spanish music plays in the background of the bus. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie, except this is my life. That felt pretty great.
We tried to converse; my Spanish is shabby (motivated to study harder and more seriously) but I gathered that he did not know where Singapore was (i showed him picture), he prefers the countryside, because the city is loud and for shopping for young people.
Every now and then these men / boy would board the bus and sell bread or biscuits of sorts. Peanuts. I would love some, but I have 0 pesos on me right now. Traded the last of my reals for the bus ticket.
Argentinian families waving bye bye to the bus
When I awoke this morning the skies were in hues of pink and orange. Slowly the blue started to seep in and the ball of rays gently, quietly lifted itself higher. The road sign pointed ahead, ‘buenos aires’. Good morning buenos aires! I stretch from my seat. Also, scratching my hair because I did not have a shower. (Eeeee, yeah yeah…)


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