Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amo este lugar!!!!

Mmm, I thought Argentina would be unfamiliar but Buenos Aires is too closely alike to Europe. The buildings and everything – the obelisk – so much of it made me feel like I was in Germany or something again. Of course this city is hardly representative of Argentina, there’s far more places to explore. Someday!!!!








Graffiti – Falkland Islands

Train in the subte. It was here I realised that they bought second-hand trains from Japan.

Mafaldaaaaa – they sure look cuter than me though


Migration – Bolivian construction and Colombians, nanny and call centers
Korean community

Villas – the favelas of Argentina
Chilean man said: earthquakes are so common, when he saw that china had an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude on the news, he simply shrugged because that was really common / manageable here, the country’s well prepared and used to it.
It does scare me though, it does occur to me that something may happen if I’m on the bus, on the plane, it just takes a minute or less for the turning point of my life, etc etc, so for now everyday I’m happy I breathe

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