Buenos Aires / San Telmo, Argentina


William danced tango
His mama showed me his baby pictures
We sang the birthday song in Spanish
I sat there listening in

There’s just something really really sexy about seeing the bookshelves filled with Spanish, the Spanish equivalents of what I knowI miss this a lot just looking through these pictures

My polaroid camera had spoilt, and I had the immense luck of walking past a second-hand camera shop.

I will always remember him when I think about my time in Buenos Aires.

We chatted for awhile, talking about his past years, his younger years, his collection of cameras and how he had to sell them now because, well, he did spend too much of his money away and also because his interest has shifted a little along with the passing years. I wonder if he will remember me. We chatted in Chinese.

As I walked into the market of San telmo it felt magical, the accordion music playing and the bustling of the streets. Soaked in everything, everything – in these moments I am once struck with the element of disbelief that I am here, and I got to be here at least once in my life. Incredibly lucky.





‘What is this??? You mean they sell animal brains here????”

‘It’s actually the first time I’ve seen this,’ he says

‘Guillermo was a wonderful host!! He showed me around La Boca and introduced dulce de leche to me (which I really miss and wish I can buy it all back home – suddenly Nutella is so unappealing) I got to try his cooking, which was delicious! He also brought me to try the asado with his family, and I got to sing the birthday song of his mother’s friends in Spanish. I learnt a lot about the Argentinean culture and I loved hearing about his travels 🙂 even though he had to work, he still tried to help me in every way and made it a wonderful experience for me :)’



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