Colonia, Uruguay – Day Trip from Buenos Aires



Colonia, Uruguay, a quaint little town 3-hours ferry ride from Buenos Aires. Uruguay is (supposedly) the least corrupt country in Latin America. They also have (had) a cool president (reputed to be the ‘poorest president on earth’) who received a million-dollar offer for his VW Beetle, and rejected it.
‘What’s getting so much attention in the world? That I love in a small house, with very few things and drive an old car? Is that news? Because then the world is crazy because they’re surprised of what’s normal.’
“Worse that drugs is drug trafficking. Much worse. Drugs are a disease, and I don’t think that there are good drugs or that marijuana is good. Nor cigarettes. No addiction is good. I include alcohol. The only good addiction is love. Forget everything else.”





I felt excited as I walked along the streets and took in elements that shouted ‘Uruguay! Uruguay!’

Admittedly, what enthralled me most was the fact that I had stepped foot on Uruguay once in my life. This country that was so, so far away in my geographical imagination – I had seen a (very tiny) part of it, and I felt lucky for that. I probably touched only the very tip of the iceberg, but I still felt lucky to have visited a part of it.



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