La Boca, Buenos Aires

La Boca is probably one of my favourite places in the world, given its colorful walls and gothic fonts and the Latin American music that transports me into this whole other zone when I walk along the streets.

and of course, the tango.

Didn’t buy any. At this point a part of me regrets :'(((

Argentina is the second highest in the world for its inflation rates; a chicken costs 50 pesos a month ago, and now it’s 77. Also, university education (public) and healthcare is free (!!) Here’s La boca, with its photogenic coloured walls and doors and tango music and gothic fonts. One of my favourite places in the world ❤
Today when I gave william my 10cents sgd and the 1000rupiah coin I found, I saw his eyes light up (really!!) with pure excitement. I was quite amused, but happy to be able to give something (back). Then at night when I was looking at my wallet I picked up the Argentinean peso and examined it closely. How cool!! That I’m holding an Argentinean coin. Took photos and sent to family. Then I thought back to william’s reaction that afternoon.

Gosh- it’s 1140pm and I’m so tired I just want to sleep



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