Santiago, Chile

There are moments by which the line ‘youth is wasted on the young’ flits through my mind, and i feel a surge of panic, i feel gripped by a sense of urgency – we’re at the youngest, the most good-looking, most capable points of our lives, bursting with potential and yet oftentimes we cloud our days with self-deprecating thoughts, bemoan about our declining energy levels in comparison to our ‘younger’ days; it’s all too easy to procrastinate and let the everyday slip by, the to-dos pushed back to the tomorrows, the next-times, when we’re at the prime time of our lives. I don’t want to succumb to that line, i don’t want my youth to be wasted, i think to myself when I think back to this line. But how? How do I seize this golden period of my life? What should I do? How do I do more, more, more? How do I get all the time to do all that I want to do in this lifetime? I can’t, and it deeply saddens me when I think about how I have a never-ending list of things to do, and how I’m not going to be able to fulfill this list (I could try! but i know my list will keep growing). Someone asked me what’s my motivation – now that I think about it again, I suppose it is this.
This one line.
i suppose i have reached the phase where im coming to terms with my mortality
and this fear fuels me in ways
My first impression of Santiago is that it’s not a city I’d like to live in, because of its smoggy nature. It felt a little dull, a little grey, an urban city. Then I visited the funicular and saw the blueness of the day, entered the bookshop and saw the poetic nature of the place. Spanish poetry, sigh. Sigh.

No abortion no capital punishment

i miss these empanadas!!!

some shop selling veggie plates. I WANT!!!!

omg. need

My amazing host who left me the keys and a fridge note. SO IMMENSELY GRATEFUL!!!!!!

When I took this picture, I took it thinking: I never thought I’d go to Santiago. And look, this piece of paper says I’m flying there from Buenos Aires. There, stated clearly, it says I’m going to Santiago.
Like I said, everything feels surreal. Even at this point. Was I really there? Was I really there? I was?
Hello, I will always be grateful I was here once in my life, once upon a time.
Santiago is funny. They have these people selling snickers bars and rockets (chocolates) in the metro station and outside. I initially thought it’s some dodgy business, but these people – businessmen, students – they walk up to the guy selling chocolates, bend down and take a couple of bars and then continue striding to their destinations. Pretty normal. Photo next time perhaps.

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