VALPARAISO + street art

A Chilean flag hangs from the window of an apartment in Valparaiso
To get to Valparaiso, get off the metro station ‘University of Santiago’, walk to the bus terminal linked to the metro (there’s a tur-bus sign), and go upstairs to get your ticket from the ticket office. One way costs 2700clp.



En route

That’s me, I’m a Happie! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚









Sometimes I look at these pictures and I think, these are the only testaments to the fact that I was there. Memories feel so intangible; even at this moment sometimes those two months seem like a dream. But then I look at this picture and I recall how cold it was, how I smiled (grimaced) for this picture though it was freezing, taking a lone shot and feeling a little awkward, not quite sure how I should stand. Yes, I was there alright, I was there.





This was the day before I was flying off to Easter Island. Ah, who cares about these when I’m off to see the real ones!!! I thought to myself gleefully at this point. I found my heart swelling with excitement (and immense gratitude!!!) for being able to go, for being lucky enough to be able to go, whenever I held that thought.



Temuco in the south – indigenous people
I asked Zita about earthquakes; she laughed and said it’s fun, I should try it. I laugh, really?? What do you do when there’s an earthquake?
Apparently Chile is really prepared for earthquakes, well-equipped and the people are really used to it. Usually they just ‘enjoy the tremors’ until it passes, post on Facebook…. I confirmed this with Jose, who said the same. He said he liked it actually, the tremors. Have to say I’m surprised.
Of course, this is excluding the devastating ones.
I do feel safest in Chile thus far, compared to the other countries (cities). I don’t know if it’s my geographical imagination at work, or if it’s really the vibe that the place gives. At 8pm it’s pretty dark and I still feel jittery (the street lights are too dim and few) but if I were to picture myself in Brazil walking along this lighting I would feel more nervous. It’s still pretty crowded where I live.



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