Easter Island from camera

Santiago airport – the seats for some reason are placed near the exits so each time they opened I dreaded the gust of cold wind. No wifi anywhere. Zzz. Okay, I went to the second floor and it had seats that allowed you to lie down and was pretty warm. Not that bad I suppose! Still, no wifi throughout this whole airport.
Still, this thought kept me warm: Can’t believe I’m going to easter island!! Gosh, I must be the luckiest 23 year old now. Seriously, (my) dream(s) come true :’)))))

first sign upon arrival—

Easter island, considered the most isolated inhabited place in the world. The whole island is a national park; I’m camping on a tent site for my accommodation, and at night I hear the pitter-patter of the rain at the sides of my tent. The whole island feels safe and tranquil and magical – I think I can feel the mana, the spiritual presence of the Rapa Nui

More than 20,000 archeological sites
The Rapa Nui spent more than 700 years without contact from the rest of the world
Tribal wars, famine, deforestation and cannibalism almost cause the extinction of the Rapa Nui
On this day European navigators discovered the famous island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. Of course, its name refers to the fact that Easter was celebrated the day when the island was discovered, on 5 April 1722.
During its peak island was home to 9000 people but in 1877 there were only 111 Rapa Nui left
The mana, or spiritual presence of the Rapa Nui


i had never seen such huge waves crashing against the coast

maybe in rio, but this, there was a force surrounding the strength of the waves, my imagination whispers









My camera breathed its last on my first day in Rapa Nui.


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