La Casa de Pablo Neruda (House of Pablo Neruda)

La Casa de Pablo Neruda (House of Pablo Neruda)

How lucky I am to be in this part of the world

A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn’t play has lost forever the child who lived in him and is who he will miss terribly. – Pablo Neruda

No photography allowed inside the house, but his apartment was artfully decorated

with my headphones loaded with the guided tour I walked around and tried to picture how it was like during his time



View of Valparaiso from the room 

Back to santiago – it is (almost) with confidence that I board the metro. Easy to navigate.
Bought a new camera at parque acuerdo – $_$ but ohwell, i will recoup it next month, sis says
that perks me up
man walks me home
bus drivers wave me in
andes mountains
atacama desert tomorrow !!
la casa de pablo neruda
2 llama sweaters
I went to la casa de Pablo Neruda and was once again reminded by the fleetingness of my life and my short lifespan on earth
I have been having these thoughts more frequently in recent years, I realise
Eventually your life becomes a story, a few lines to sum up the emotional turmoil you felt during an eventful period
They separated, he had a secret affair with Matilda, he got very sick
Their secret love affair – that slightly dampened my affection for the poet because of (perhaps, my narrow-mindedness? Constructed notions of principles) – I did not approve of such actions, and I like the people I admire to withhold values that I approve of
Nonetheless through the house it was clear that Matilda and him were in love, she did love him, she safeguarded the home in trying times of the military regime and during his wake to preserve the house
And also from what she wrote
I mean, at the end, she was happy and he was happy
I feel my perception nudge a little more



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