Valle de la Luna – San Pedro de Atacama

mis favoritos
Admittedly, my post-trip self is facing a truckload of inertia in getting these posts up. Spamming my pictures and the notes from my trips (existent or not):

When I pass the coast on the bus and see the waves crashing my mind goes back to Rapa Nui and the Pacific Ocean and how clear the water were

And the morning we chased the sunrise with the car, bob Marley playing
Don’t you worry about a thing
Everything is gonna be alright
I guess it’s just one of those moments you feel infinite
Also thinking about time, looking at the world clocks and how I’m time zones away, how my time zone shifts with certain places
In easter island the sun rose at 8am, and set at 8pm
And now as I open the window shade and peek through it I see a family waving to another passenger on the bus, air-kisses goodbye
Love long bus rides
As the bus rolled closer towards San Pedro, we were greeted by the sinking sun that lit the clouds in hues of pink and gold
The German guy next to me nudged for me to look right; pink skies spread widely across the horizon, behind the mountain ranges etched with lines of brown and sand
On my left, golden rays
We captured its beauty in the best way we knew how – photos, photos, but it’s hard to capture it really


part of the pacific ring of fire!

here, i catch my first glimpse of the coca candy










the wind and the rain and the ever constant change




























look at those striationssssss






I kept seeing this checkered colourful flag in various parts of South Am. Googled: The Wiphala (Quechua pronunciation: [wɪˈpʰɐlɐ]) is a square emblem, commonly used as a flag, representing the native peoples of all the Andes that include today’s BoliviaPeruEcuador and parts of ArgentinaChile and Colombia. It exists in several modern varieties, which represent theInca Empire (Tawantin Suyu) and each of its former four regions (suyus).





I love you San Pedro!!!!


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