Taste of Bolivia – Crossing from San Pedro to Uyuni

I finally reach the Uyuni part of my posts. Hurray!
Undeniably the most gorgeous part of my trip. Sigh.
I was greeted by a blanket of snow at the border of Chile/Bolivia immigration point. Erm, not quite ready for the snow… How do I pack for spring/summer/autumn/winter all 4 seasons really
still, i was excited and got out to play!!!!!









laguna colorada – yesterday
laguna hedionda – today
reserva nacional de fauna andina eduardo avaroa
Today I learnt: passport in Israel / texts in Israel read right to left
Chilean can travel within chile and other parts of south am with only their ID card
During the astronomy tour I remembered asking the guy from Rapa Nui if he made wishes when he saw shooting stars. He said no, and I asked why, and he said it’s because he saw them so often he wouldn’t know which wishes would come true. Hmmmm.
There is water in the atacama because of meltwater from Andes and also underground water
sand we see there comes from mountain erosion
Israel / army – females too – 2 years – guys 3 years compulsory -friends went to war, came back a little different in the mind
Lots of nature, the Dead Sea..
Go Saudi Arabia can’t go Israel / watch my passport!!
Even on Bolivia I’m listening to songs like ‘suddenly I see’ ‘dirty dirty dancing’
Wake me up when September ends
Linkin park
Singing in the car
60usd for Bolivian visa – damn ex. Maybe should have just gotten at BA embassy



sneak preview to salar de uyuni

waaaahhhhhh imagine this view in real lifeee

endless canvas


hot springs







my happy jeepmates, fun-loving girls who are incredibly nice, taking food for each other, buying sweets to share. sigh








So beautiful and amazing. Seriously, I have NEVER been surrounded by SO much incredible beauty in my life. Bolivia, Bolivia! Such wondrous landscapes! Everyone needs to see this!! National Geographic needs to give this place more attention!!!!!!!
Some travellers head to Uyuni themselves to go to Salar de Uyuni, but seriously, paying more for the border pass from San Pedro to Uyuni to see these along the way is worth it, for sure



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