Colca Canyon – Arequipa, Peru

i really like this picture for some reason

Tour to Colca Canyon – 45 soles on average, i paid 40. + 20 for buffet lunch; supposedly 25soles in other companies. 80soles for transport to cusco with cruz del sur.
Others paid about 70, it seems. My tour operator was:
I am actually noting this down, because i do recommend them. The guide was funny, and she was a guide whose English I could finally understand :p and obtain some insights about the place we were visiting.
Cevitur – Travel Agency and Tour Operator
we were lucky to have spotted so many condors that day!





omg. this ice cream, made of some cactus milk. tasted amazing, and yes it had that cactus taste. i loved it. so much!!!!


love these details



i feel some sort of affection for this photo and am always amused when i look at it because both of them are like ‘meh IDGAF’ LOL


look at these striations

Colca Canyon – nothing much, just another canyon. I do sound meh about it – i didn’t quite want to go, because I had seen similar landscapes and I (am sure!! I ) will visit the Grand Canyon someday; i still went anyway, though it wasn’t part of my plan. It was pretty interesting I suppose. I thought about the human sacrifices for the mountains, how people of the past may have walked the walk I am walking today. At one point she showed us the ‘tomb’ amidst the mountain, the terraces, and the rock; 3 different time periods, the environment bore evidence of 3 different time periods and ways of living in this place. See, we are so.. it’s like nature remains unchanged, almost, landscapes hardly change in centuries. But generations and generations of people like Me. And they quietly bear witness to it. Stories, repeated.

Notes: (yes, i take NOTES on many of these tours 8-))

Apu Andean gods
Human sacrifices to calm the volcanoes
List of requirements:
Impt family
Completely healthy without sickness
Complete smile
Handsome or pretty
Most importantly, to be virgin
Children 3-12 common offers
1995 project to study offers in mountains –
Most Impt offer is a girl 12 year old
Walk for days to inca
Three more days
Die there
Sacred Exp with mountain
Drink special drink

Probably my favourite, though it’s darkened quite a lot by now.

I took two – I gave them the first, this was the second. I wonder how that turned out. And what they did with it.


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