Pisa, Italy

yay! just another tourist posing the same thing as everyone else! woohoo! ‘look at me lift that tower!’

It was pretty cool to see the leaning tower of Pisa in real life. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – i expected a leaning tower for sure, but well… it was tall and pretty grand and actually leaning for real, that was pretty cool and i smiled, amused

just the 1038931736198th tourist to do this 

‘damn, i feel so uncool and unoriginal, i thought i was unique as a snowflake BUT I CANT THINK OF A BETTER POSE TO DO HERE’

golden hour
This is the last post for my family trip. Thank you World Wide Web and Blogger for your infinite memory space and thank you for letting me leech on it. 
Incredibly blessed to be able to visit Europe with my family again. I know, I know! I am seriously privileged. This also marks the 10th year Papa brings us abroad on a plane on a family trip. It means a lot to me (other than the perks and joys of travelling) to be able to witness these sights with them. 
 Some things I took away from the family trip:
We saw many Bangladeshi workers in Italy, along the souvenir shops, the ones selling leather bags, some food, jewellery… I didn’t think much of this 2 years ago. Sister was buying shawls, however, when the shopkeeper asked where we’re from, and she asked him in return if he’s from Italy. Also, one shopkeeper said ‘terimah kasih’ after learning that we’re from Singapore, and another said it was a nice country and he had worked there for 14 years. 14 years! That’s a long time, we exclaimed. Yes, he said. And after 14 years all he got was a work permit.. But here in Italy he worked for 2 years and he got a citizenship. His family is here now, and the kids attend the school here. 
This anecdote is echoed by another salesperson of leather bags – now he’s opened his own shop. It makes me wonder if Singapore is a stepping stone to his goal here, or if this is the case for many others.
Citizenship makes such a big difference, I’ve come to realise. Now his family and himself gets free healthcare and free education, as an Italian. 



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