Durmitor National Park

I wrote in my head when hiking along the Montenegrin national park
I wrote about the fishes swimming under my feet, the loud crack that echoed across the lake as my feet stubbornly weighed upon the glass beneath
It was like a game – I tested my weight, and hopped and slid across the ice
Teasing cracks and watching as water oozes out from the slits
I watched the frozen froths, the frilly edges of the lake
Solidified in the moment
The glittering field
The sharp white blades
I walked and I walked and I walked
For hours

My mind drifted from one thought to the other

I peeled an orange and tossed its skin on the ground – decomposition, I console myself
The orange stares glaringly within the sheet of white
And I walked and I walked
And tried not to feel bummed thinking about
How it would be if I were here in the summer.

(thinking back, this season is awesome. i had the serenity of the place to myself, i had the cool breeze)


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