The grass is greener in the Philippines!


How time flies.

My first time in the Philippines! It was a quick 4-day weekend trip. My last lesson in NIE ended on a Thursday afternoon. I went home, grabbed my backpack and headed to the airport. My 40l backpack and my now-very-much-aquainted-and-highly-dear-to-me-clack-clack-hiking-stick, my chargers and I left. Always hesitant to tell Gramma, I told her I was going for a sleepover. I came back grinning sheepishly that Sunday – tadah! By which she already knew I had gone abroad (and back!).
I can sense them getting used to it though. It makes me quite delighted.
Manila! It was a beautiful 4 days and as I listen to Rachel Yamagata now (always stirs swaying EMOTIONS in me) and I’m glad I went ahead, as I’m glad for my company
I didn’t write then, but some things I do recall:
1. My surprise at the paperbags used in Makati
What a good idea! So pretty too! My initial thoughts exclaimed indignantly
Later I was questioned: Is it necessarily (biodegradable =) more environmentally friendly? Cost? Waterproof – feasibility?

me acting cute

2. Meeting Russell!

home-cooked adobo

the fire video – that disappeared 

when i think back, i still find some bits funny

eating balut – worst thing in my life



3. Oh right, my phone zapped the last of its life in the river that clumsy cz fell into
iCloud, magical icloud did save some photos though
last few pictures it saved before it crashed

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