3. Petra (by night)

​Wadi means valley

Wadi mujib

up up up

the cool rough texture of the sandstones

beyond the treasury

Took some polaroids with some of the Bedouin there. After some discussion and their multiple attempts at lowering the donkey price from more than 40usd to 12usd or 7 usd something lower, we fell for it (noobs) and took the donkey up.

We rested our whole heavy weights on the donkeys’ backs, and I felt bad, I really did. If I had more time, I would have definitely wanted to climb those steps myself. But I was here only once in a lifetime, I wanted to see more. Sorry donkeys.

Highlight was the sandstones, the beautiful sandstones that melded into beautiful shades of beige and pink. 

actually, they remind me very much of Lickitung the pokemon

Shades of earthy colours, like hardened paint gently dripping towards the pull of the earth

2 Korean guys


As the sun slowly started to set, we made our way back to Valentine Inn (following 2 Slovakian girls) where we had a huge yummy dinner (with potato salad and hot soup, I remember)
Set off for Petra by Night after the sun had set. Our hostel van took us there.

I had been anticipating Petra by Night with breathless excitement even before the trip, when I was reading up on Petra by Night’s availability. I think I had expected the view to sweep me away, or some sort of magical performance or twinkling feeling that would make me feel like it was an incredible sight.

But it wasn’t, not really.

We walked through the Siq, where we had passed through and back in the morning. Somewhere along the way candles started to appear. As we walked closer to the treasury the guides reminded us to keep our volumes down.

when we arrived — many candles wrapped with brown paper bags (?) were placed on the ground. Beautiful, sure, but possibly quite underwhelming… the show started. A man started playing his flute, another played another instrument and sang. After that, the photo session commenced. The lights turned off at 10pm.



I suppose it was very much a tourist show. But ohwell, Petra  by night, you sure knew how to make visitors visit you twice.

Subtle things like females cutting hair for men

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They wear that hat thing depends like occasion festivals parties or cooling like air con in summer and warm in winter like kalpak

​ Female cut hair for men

Religious channel money advert

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