1.2 Diving in Tofo, Mozambique


I remember feeling seasick. Putting on the somewhat familiar, somewhat unfamiliar BCD and taking deep heavy breaths through the regulator in a rhythm that echoed my beating heart.

As we rode along the waves into the middle of the sea, I waited as I did my jump off the boat, and the rest of the hour are snippets / a trail of memory – I tugged the rope towards me and swam downwards following the line, past the shells and the cloudy sea around me.

Skipped the deep dive after because the manta rays are apparently not found during this period

Didn’t manage to catch sight of manta rays, but Tofo beach made up for it with its empty stretches of soothing sand and waves ☀️

(thought: in a country with a life expectancy of 55 years, I have a chance of 27 more years than the average citizen here.)

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