1.1 Havana, Cuba

Havana ooh-na-na

my first glimpse of the Caribbean


there was something i liked about this, a quiet quality in the way her wispy dress caught the sunshine in Havana

i stood at that same traffic light a little longer, my first glimpse of the styles (in some ways i didnt quite expect)

those faded walls

the  way the harsh light casts its glittering confetti everywhere


Each place teaches me something, and for Cuba it is the ubiquity of wifi. There’s something about the wifi parks though, seeing crowds gathered and sitting even in the evenings, with their earpiece. Who are they talking to? That happiness in their chuckles, their kisses blown at the screens as they wave bye-bye.//

Passing by wifi spots and knowing they’re wifi spots because of the phone screens and earpieces people have. She waves, blowing kisses passionately at the screen, and laughs; her bubble of joy catches her unaware that I – a stranger – was staring. Maybe it’s that raw bubble of happiness that I was seeing that kept me staring, almost like intruding on a private moment.

We do that too in Singapore, but not all together, in this space that ties the heartstrings of one to another miles away.

I hadn’t slept on a proper bed for 48 hours at this point, and had been on the plane for more than 24 hours





On Day 1, I found myself in this restaurant.


Day 2 was about exploring Old Havana and Parque Central which is indeed as beautiful as they recommend, but kind of too clean in some way.
Orlando dropped me off at the Viazul bus station. 
Serenaded by the musical duo along the Malecon. 
Shoe broke. 


Museum of the Revolution. 









love these long beautiful columns



that funny old man, where i bought my peso ice cream

el capitolio

i didnt quite like that guava-jam-filled fried breadstick


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