1.2 Havana, Day 2 – Havana Vieja / Old Havana

videos to keep:

al malecon



Where there’s music, there’s Cubans dancing. Along the streets a tent of sorts was set up in the middle of the square. The blasting music attracts a crowd, to which I saw many people – regardless of age, size, groups or alone – moving their bodies. Children, the greying. Strangers dancing together. It makes me feel like our bodies were made to move with the rhythm of the melodies, until cultures slowly tamed it down. I could never shake my hips like that. Like Lissette said, ’You mean you clean and wash the dishes without music and dancing? You’re boring!’ We laughed.

Best batido ever. cries

in the insane heat and humidity, the 15 pesos? 8 pesos?batido was the BEST THING EVER

Along the lanes of Havana Vieja, you find faded, grungy walls like this

la fruteria

ernest hemmingway used to frequent this bar

one of the most interesting part of the museum.

Cuban cigar


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