2.1 Vinales, Cuba


A girl asked politely if she could sit next to me on the bus. I nodded, and asked if she was Cuban. No, she was from El Salvador, she said. That was how I met Lissette. 

Viñales is nature, fresh air and limestone caves. Viñales is listening to life stories of strength and growth over hours as it rains, and laughing so hard there’s tears in my eyes. Viñales is peso pizza, jugo de guayaba, tobacco fields and rocking chairs. 

El Salvador still feels like such a distant place. Distant enough to be more than 24 hours by plane, that is. I’ve never thought of visiting El Salvador, though admittedly, until now. We watched the hour-long documentary I had downloaded on my phone regarding the revolution. It’s smart media manipulation, a leader that can continue to raise the spirits of all, and speak of its victories with oratorial clarity. It makes me consider the lessons one can learn from History, from others. Ah, the discipline I had missed out on in Secondary school. Well, History is everywhere really. 
Asked a little about El Salvador after – Hearing about their situation – abortion, the condensed political history, the surrounding volcanoes, the monthly wage of 300usd on average (although a teacher makes about 800usd) makes me count my blessings in some ways. It’s interesting to learn that they use USD for their currency though, from 2001.
We spent the afternoon getting wifi card, walking around Vinales town, towards the valley, all in my broken shoe. 



Had peso pizza y jugo guayaba.  


el bocadillo de jamon y queso, my love

peso pizza, jugo de guayaba.

Walking around the little town of Vinales






I thought about the colonial master’s guilt felt by the Spanish guy, and how he felt almost guilty for coming over to his former colonies to see that they seem to not be doing as well as British colonies. I’ve never quite thought about that.

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