Mount Agung – Peak

Post dedicated to the peak of Mount Agung

Frankly, I didn’t know it’d had such a lingering effect. It’s been almost a week since I was atop the peak of Mount Agung and every now and then my mind goes back to that scene. The view, the clouds, the cold. The summit. Such an incredible feeling. I can’t, can’t wait to hike up the mountains again; I feel restless flitting through my memory. So thankful I’m all booked for Salkantay. Sigh!!!!!! So excited I want to explode. <- How I miss feeling like this! This, the feeling I keep searching for.

Upon landing in Changi Airport:
This, this was the point I was waiting for. To land in Singapore safely after an amazing trip. Before the trip I always carry all these fears – fears of the flight, walking along the foreign street, the mountain, my body, the flight back, the multitude of things that could happen to me, that wouldn’t have happened if I haven’t stubbornly opted for the trip, the what-ifs (what if the trip was a mistake, what if something happened to me, my life) the dozens of fearful possibilities. And to reach this point of safety with the brilliant weekend that passed, that felt awesome.