10. Cyprus / End

Route in summary (15 days): 
Athens, Greece –> (AegeanAir) Amman, Jordan –> Madaba, Jordan –> Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan –> Petra (Wadi Musa), Jordan –> Wadi Rum, Jordan –> Aqaba, Jordan –> BORDER CROSSING –> Eilat, Israel –> Rimonim, Israel/West Bank –> Jerusalem, Israel –> Bethlehem, West Bank –> Tel Aviv, Israel

Cyprus. Seaside town. Coastal resort. I am highly unlikely to visit Cyprus again; I say this not only because it is not my thing (hanging out on a beach doing nothing) but also because I’m probably not going to take a direct flight there, with the many coastal resort alternatives around. 

I arrived in Larnaca and had about a 10 hour layover. I chose it on purpose, paying some additional sum, instead of the 2 hours one, because this was my chance to explore. Explore a country (?) I had no geographical imagination about (but now I do, it’s no longer going to bug at my curiosity). It’s basically like… Greece, because I went to Larnaca. A CS-er who sent me a message said he lived on the Turkish side, and I didn’t understand. Only after some Googling and chat with a shopkeeper did I realise the territorial struggle in Cyprus, between the Turks and the Greeks. The wall. Checkpoints and difficulties in accessibility. I think there’s some UN peacekeepers at the border, or maybe that’s in the past. 

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It was raining a little, rainy season explains the off-season. I sat in a shop and read my book, ate some fries. Walked around the beach for awhile, looking at the little seashell souvenirs. Then I packed my bag and went back to the airport.

This December trip has been such a meaningful one. I feel like I’ve gained a deeper insight into the Israel-Palestine conflict, and a glimpse of how it affects the people surrounding this issue. What would you do, how would you feel and respond if you were in their shoes? It’s really hard to say. Such complications. I loved that we met so many wonderful people along the way, who were willing to engage us in conversation, to share their understandings with us, their interests, to expand my mind a little further about history, wars, being in the army, religion, and youtube channels / questions i’ve never wondered about prior.

Thankful, and incredibly blessed! Thank you to the travellers I met (Natalie, Amritsar guy) who sparked my desire to visit Jerusalem / Petra, Papa for Greece. 🙂

9 dec – land at 2am – amman
10 dec – dead sea
11 dec – amman (to petra)
12 dec – petra
13 dec – petra (to aqaba to eilat)
14 dec – wadi rum (?)
15 dec – eilat (skydive?)
16 dec – timna park (OPTIONAL)
17 dec – travel to jerusalem
18 dec – jerusalem
19 dec – jerusalem
20 dec – bethlehem
21 dec – tel aviv (lyn pack for airport)
22 dec – tel aviv (night – lyn reach airport at 620am)
23 dec – me fly to cyprus -> athens -> abu dhabi -> sg