Easter Island from camera

Santiago airport – the seats for some reason are placed near the exits so each time they opened I dreaded the gust of cold wind. No wifi anywhere. Zzz. Okay, I went to the second floor and it had seats that allowed you to lie down and was pretty warm. Not that bad I suppose! Still, no wifi throughout this whole airport.
Still, this thought kept me warm: Can’t believe I’m going to easter island!! Gosh, I must be the luckiest 23 year old now. Seriously, (my) dream(s) come true :’)))))

first sign upon arrival—

Easter island, considered the most isolated inhabited place in the world. The whole island is a national park; I’m camping on a tent site for my accommodation, and at night I hear the pitter-patter of the rain at the sides of my tent. The whole island feels safe and tranquil and magical – I think I can feel the mana, the spiritual presence of the Rapa Nui

More than 20,000 archeological sites
The Rapa Nui spent more than 700 years without contact from the rest of the world
Tribal wars, famine, deforestation and cannibalism almost cause the extinction of the Rapa Nui
On this day European navigators discovered the famous island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. Of course, its name refers to the fact that Easter was celebrated the day when the island was discovered, on 5 April 1722.
During its peak island was home to 9000 people but in 1877 there were only 111 Rapa Nui left
The mana, or spiritual presence of the Rapa Nui


i had never seen such huge waves crashing against the coast

maybe in rio, but this, there was a force surrounding the strength of the waves, my imagination whispers









My camera breathed its last on my first day in Rapa Nui.


Easter Island – from day 2 and its magic

We hiked up the volcano. Wasn’t too hard (for me :p the running has helped I think)

I wish I recorded down everything he said, but we talked a little about afterlife and Brian(?) talked about his theory, about how we’re energy, and when we die we don’t actually disappear – only the body – the energy just gets transferred to another form of energy.

‘Yeah it’s pretty complicated but I hope you get what I mean…’

Lester: if it’s so complicated why don’t you just believe there’s a god?

Quote of the day: life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away
Lester has no bucket list because he’s always been clearing the things on them – reminder to self
At night, I lay in my tent and listened to the rain quietly pelting down against my humble abode
I love camping!! Especially on a night like this
I know that out there, beyond this sheet, is a stretch of sky above me full of stars
Listening to the pouring rain trickling down the sides of my shelter

And as I sat here in the night I felt so incredibly engulfed by the beauty of this island
This was one of the most incredible night of my life, for sure
Above me was one of the most beautiful night skies I’ve ever seen, augmented by everything that happened today
Wearing the seashell necklace
Sitting in the field a meter away from my tent

My last night on this magical island

I guess everything happens for a reason – times like this I really do
The Mexican boys and I had made plans to hike up the volcano in the morning – I woke up early, excited to start the morning and seize the daylight. Unfortunately they did not wake up – I waited for 45 more minutes before the thought of leaving first entered my head. After all, they had nine days and it was my second last! But I decided to wait, having made the plans – have to admit it was getting me jittery though, since I was awake (excitedly) since… 7. After some (excruciating) wait for them to shower and stuff it was already 10. Sigh! The inner anxious ant in me was bursting to run around the island, but the other side calmed my self down and we (at last!) set off.
The hike was lovely – as I wrote in the evening,
After that, the boys left to the campsite and I walked on to the centro. Along the way I asked a man how I could get to the ____; that’s the turning point of my trip. After awhile we decided that he would take me to ____. Driving, rolling along the green hilly landscapes with Bob Marley playing cheerily in the background, horses grazing, the sun peeking amidst the clouds, I looked on.
Walked around the beautiful place
Luis (I now became acquainted with his name) said his friend invited me to watch a Rapa Nui show at night
I agreed – nothing productive I would have done anyway
The show was some indigenous dance and performance (that tourists paid like 20usd for) – much thanks to Luis!!! After the show we sat at the back of his truck. His friends gathered, we got beers and they started smoking joints. The stars were glowing. I was amused at the situation, it’s one of those times where my life feels like a movie. Us, laughing together under the stars, them getting high in m in Rapa Nui. after that we drove back to x’s place – chatted a little and I received the seashell necklace
That I will always remember
‘Destiny’, Luis had said
Strangely ‘destiny’ was what x had said this morning as well – does destiny really exist?
Things about Rapa Nui – they learnt history through parents, they wanted autonomy, $$ park fees to support : control by self (political, not geographical), their park their place, they have the mana
Issues of medical care – how the severely injured had to pay for a private jet to fly in to pick up the patient to chile’s hospital
I was up well and early – the skies were still dark at 8am
Cultural prophetic – band
Maybe I should have just stayed in and taken a good long WARM shower; instead I chose to roam around, foregoing the awesome shower I could have had instead of sweating despite the cold weather. Sigh. Couldn’t help feeling crappy as the rain started to fall; the streets were dark and me being me, with my horrible sense of direction, got lost (for sure). Thankfully it was only 5 minutes away, and moments after I stepped into shelter, the rain started pouring more relentlessly then before. Guess that’s something to be thankful about, I do feel better hahaha expert at self-consolation
The 3 hour walk was alright, I am good at walking long distances, stepping into grass, onto rocks, I love it actually – that’s why I love hiking I think. On the way I contemplated about certain things I wanted to write down but was lazy and they’re slipping my mind now. One was about how I passed by these students playing in the field and i was thinking how it felt to be them, having grown up surrounded by the moais in contrast to tourists like me who’s seen their images in magazines, documentaries, and flying all the way to see them in person and to be in awe
Like a celebrity, I think, as I thought about my response
Like a fan girl, the only thing I’m actually most fan-girl-mode about
And then them – the documentary that I watched on the plane, which pointed out that they learn about the specialness of their island from a young age
I suppose that’s why I come, to see the place for how it really is
I’m sure that now, when I see those giant pictures of the moais, I will remember walking past them through my days, positioned the ways they were, away from the sea
I will remember how people took photos from where they were, and I might be able to guess now how these photographs were taken, the background behind the shot. It’s pretty fun, like piecing memory and ideas together. I guess that’s one of my pulling factors here; to see what I’ve already seen in magazines.
I asked if they learn about their island’s history in schools, the guy said from their parents
This morning Luis played the radio – the major spoke, they apparently have the meeting every week on the radio channel talkshow where the mayor gives announcements and addresses concerns
Tsunami – was he worried? Nah, cause they had the spirit of the moais (or something like that) – what I got was a belief in the spiritual force that can guide in protecting the island’s inhabitants
Of course, this is a singular answer; I wanted to ask other local residents, but I’m a little superstitious that way.. Maybe I’ll ask when I’m in a different country
Yes they experience earthquakes
Boy on a horse puts on his headphones as they trot down the road from school; at night further out I turn my head to the side and see the moon, because there’s no buildings obstructing the view; a car stops for me because I look lost and brings me to my campsite; smiling local residents come up to me and ask me what’s my name; got invited into the home of a couple for tea and cookies and they gave me a necklace of seashells as a parting gift. This place is magic, magic magic 😢

me and volcanic crater (lake)
water as clear as this!!

the rapa nui flag waves in the wind

thats all