Flight to Santiago – flying over the Andes

(Post-trip me thinks: This looks incredibly amazing (and fake), did I really see this???)

So absolutely enthralled by my surroundings
To be this close to the Andes, that’s my dream! To have the mountain chain by my side, that felt amazing
It’s funny though, because I feel this way especially because I’ve spent years seeing the Andes in books and stuff, so to see it in person is like… Seeing a celebrity





like a painting




Got into a van with 4 other people
I alighted and drivers approached me, much like Bali which threw up all guards
I tried to figure out if they were in cahoots to rob me but within this van this man was watching a video with squeals coming from it, like some cartoon, and the other girl about my age was asleep gracefully. The other lady flicked through her iPhone casually. I don’t think I’m that rich and rob-able compared to them, to be frank. Hence I relaxed as the van I was on drove away from Santiago airport towards the city.

Buenos aires airport (international)- worst place to sleep in autumn. I was absolutely freezing, even with my felt blanket. Had wifi at least.