Krakow – Oskar Schindler’s Factory

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Gosh, you see how quickly details fade away when you don’t keep them on track 😦 I remember wanting to note this down: Krakow ended dramatically (x2), an underwear dropped next to me during lunch, we had good conversations and I was really happy with my company :))
My trip to Poland was a highly anticipated one. I was determined to go, whether or not I had company. I wanted to go to Krakow to learn more about its history; I’ve watched so many films and I had a burning (yes, burning) desire to know more, and to see what I could.
Schindler’s List is definitely one of my favourites 😥 I still recall how I sobbed so hard at its ending… 😥
This is my second favourite museum (first is the Speelklok one in Utrecht), I’ve gathered and learnt so much from this. Thank you x
Schindler’s enamels

Schindler’s Jews :’)
When I saw the photos of them I recalled the scene of them walking towards the camera at the end of the film and I felt like crying again.

Gained so much from this museum. From here I could walk along the streets of Krakow and recognize some of the street names, and know the (sad) historical context behind it.

Really thankful to be here because I know all that I’ve learnt from this trip will stay with me much more than I would have in school. So yes, even though I really want to attend my Social Geog classes, this was perfect 🙂

Finally ending my lengthy series of posts for Krakow. It’s really one of my favourite cities, I love all that I’ve taken away with me. Thank you, dziękuję 🙂 X

Krakow – Tours, Salt Mine / Ghost Tour

So Wanting and I embarked on 3 tours during our trip – the salt mine, Auschwitz-Birkenau and the GHOST TOUR

Wieliczka Salt Mine – supposedly raved, but frankly… I wasnt awed or blown away like I somewhat expected to be.

made of salt and wood 
Ghost tour! It was surprisingly fun 🙂
It’s my first ‘ghost tour’, I know there’s one in almost every city, these ‘night walks’ promising gloom and horror stories.
Sidenote: we almost wanted to enter this horror house but really, this poster is enough to give us the creeps, not to mention the covered windows…
the things you don’t notice in the city, really.
photo with the dead man…
It was a good night 🙂

Krakow – bits of history

Ghetto Heroes Square, which we chanced upon on our way to Schindler’s factory
Each empty chair commemorate the passing of 1000 Krakow Jews during the Holocaust.

Jewish Districht (Kazimierz)

Along Podgórze Ghetto, where Jewish residents and institutions were transferred into during the Holocaust.

the past,

 and the contrasting present.

 You see, Krakow has all these little details waiting for you to uncover as you walk by. I really like that, and I really appreciate all the historical knowledge I’ve gained during my stay.

Krakow and its wispy trees

Finally found the word for it. It’s wispy, wispy trees 🙂 I love wispy trees, and I guess it’s one of the reasons why I loved Krakow. It has beautifully wispy trees 🙂 Add that to sunshine peeking from beneath, and there you have it, a pleasing landscape 🙂

Something so calming about the rays of sunlight that filter through the orange leaves to spread into a golden mass on the cobblestones.

on foggy mornings, there is an ethereal quality to this mystique-looking fog

Well yes, that’s quite alot of photos of trees 🙂 And believe me, I have more. It’s such that as I’m walking along the streets I can’t help but be drawn to them, and to take out my camera to snap a photo. 


Because Krakow is one of my favourite cities (second at the moment, I think. Definitely in the top 5) it’s hard for me to sieve through my photos when so many of them capture its beauty :’) 
Krakow is so beautiful. There are so few cities by which you get immediately acquainted with, and for me Krakow was one of them. Maybe it’s the way the withering trees waved ever so gently against the tinted blue skies, maybe it was the music and the glowing tents of markets that lit up the night.

Maybe it’s the history of the place; to know that this was once shrouded under the shadow of the Holocaust yet remained so lively today. The street musicians play in a way different from some of the Bigger Cities – accordion, choral-like, a tune that wants to make you sway and waltz along the streets.

Almost unreal. Look at those colours :’)

I guess I didn’t know what to expect from Poland. I was expecting something different… something older, darker, perhaps. Instead I was greeted with much sunshine and golden rays, and this made me happy. 🙂
Took this because I want to remember how foreign the words were. When we first landed we were pointing at random words and laughing at how unpronounceable they were to us :p
I guess that’s another reason to love the place. Immersing myself in the foreign, the unknown. I like that.

Krakow, Poland – Apartment / Room Tour

One of the things I love most about travelling is the apartment-viewing. 
Kasia has one of the most artfully decorated apartment I’ve ever seen, and I just had to go about taking note of all of her beautiful details. I missed out on some, like her chalk drawings, her Marilyn Monroe photographs in the bathroom, the wine bottles… 😥 
She left me a wonderful review, ‘It is always a great pleasure to host somebody who share your interests and can appreciate your work. Siangyee saw all the hidden details of my place, my drawings on the wall, quotes, children books and all the designed things which are the most important to me. It was a great feeling, making being a host such a great and satysfainyng experience.’ 
and for this, I sincerely dedicate this post to her beautiful apartment 🙂
those shoes…..

even the cupboard LOCK is so beautiful, so intricate -sighs-

Here was clearly a fan of children’s illustrated books, and I found that very, very fascinating. 
In the nights, Wanting and I turn on the radio which plays old-school music, we drink cider and then we each curl up on one side of the sofa, warm rug over ourselves and we read.


Krakow is a beautiful city and I cannot be more blessed to be sitting here, in Kasia’s beautiful apartment, typing while snuggled under a blanket in her artfully decorated living room. 
Nat King Cole along with other oldies play in the background meanwhile…
Grainy snaps from my iPhone camera-

At another crossroads of my life, I think. Help me, I say. Help me.