Balkans – End

The Balkans are a fascinating, very diverse region in Southeast Europe which had to deal with a lot of conflicts in recent history – the Breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting Yugoslav wars made it almost impossible to travel the region from 1991 to 2001.

A lot has changed since those darker days and most of the countries are back on track, the reconstruction is in its final stages and the tourism is on the rise. Changes can also be seen in the countries which haven’t been affected by the wars – Bulgaria became part of the EU, developed it’s infrastructure and is seeing an economic growth, even though this growth decreased recently.

Learnt so much about the Balkans during the trip. I find it so rewarding knowing that this was a region previously so foreign, so completely unknown to me. But now I know just a little teeny bit better.

Yay! Done with this!

Durmitor National Park

I wrote in my head when hiking along the Montenegrin national park
I wrote about the fishes swimming under my feet, the loud crack that echoed across the lake as my feet stubbornly weighed upon the glass beneath
It was like a game – I tested my weight, and hopped and slid across the ice
Teasing cracks and watching as water oozes out from the slits
I watched the frozen froths, the frilly edges of the lake
Solidified in the moment
The glittering field
The sharp white blades
I walked and I walked and I walked
For hours

My mind drifted from one thought to the other

I peeled an orange and tossed its skin on the ground – decomposition, I console myself
The orange stares glaringly within the sheet of white
And I walked and I walked
And tried not to feel bummed thinking about
How it would be if I were here in the summer.

(thinking back, this season is awesome. i had the serenity of the place to myself, i had the cool breeze)

Podgorica, Montenegro



‘Our tap water is drinkable, we get them from the mountain springs. It’s a pity all these drinkable water is used to clean the floors’

I have fond memories in Podgorica
I had good conversations here
meeting Marko
CABBING EVERYWHERE because its cheap, its like 2 euros or less. 



– Fathers can take a year off 
– Mothers get money 300€? From government for third child for the rest of her life
– Choose btw that and retirement sum
– Edu and healthcare free
– Albania isn’t, nth for the babies
– But healthcare free but crappy
– He said tito’s communism wasn’t like that.. They weren’t that closed up, they used to go to Romania to do grocery shopping. He remembered, it was good. He was 9, but he remembered. It was only bad about 10 years after Tito died. The bombings during ww2- they had to hide in the bunkers, it was partying every night. He picked up smoking then. Can
– First Eco city of Europe
– Montenegro and ‘no to nato’ graffiti
– Having relatives or cousins in the village helps greatly with groceries like cheese milk vegetables