On other days (Paris)

People always speak of ‘Paris’ with a breathless whisper – Paris
Paris, the city of love. Of poise, of elegance, of some sort of magical romance that linger in the air.
Amidst the many touristy posts, here’s one for the ordinary. 

one of my favouritest pictures 🙂

I almost got pickpocketed today. A pickpocketing story – almost a to-do on a Eurotrip, no? Mine goes like this:

I entered the train cabin with papa and sis, vaguely overwhelmed by the crowd and trying to squeeze on. The person next to me kept pushing, and it was squeezy. Sis said ‘pickpocket, pickpocket’ it took me awhile to register, about 4 seconds, which is considerably long under the circumstances, by which I looked down at my bag (by which i was carrying by the FRONT) and realised this annoying person who kept squeezing by me was covering the side of my bag. I pulled away out of instinct, still not quite registering what my sister was saying, and saw this orange plastic bag near its zip- by which a hand extended sneakily from the stupid orange plastic bag and had its fingers at the tip of my black wallet peeking out from the zip of my Kanken. Stunned, terribly shocked, I zipped up my bag and turned to my sis and dad, incredulously wondering if they saw the whole thing. Pickpocket, pickpocket! Started swearing and announcing she tried to pickpocket me, point point, the group of teenage kids – presumably the accomplice – did not dare look at us again. On hindsight I wish I took a picture of her or something, or I don’t know, do more…? The locals stared on blankly while the 3 of us remained shocked, discussing the whole scene blatantly. The kids got off at the next stop.

The Louvre

zigzags across the sky

I love pictures of palaces. I try to envision myself in that thick heavy clothing having dinner gracefully in a place like this. And I can’t imagine it… HAHAH
Still, it’s so beautiful~~~

nah, joining the hordes of tourists for this


I was really happy my family flew over and I was happy that they got to experience Europe with me. When I first entered a castle and felt that rush of awe sweeping over me I remember thinking to myself, I wish they could too see this. Despite my nonchalant exterior I know deep down I’m really grateful and thankful and blessed to have had them fly over to experience Paris with me. Wouldn’t have asked for any other company.  

My polaroid cameras had died in Latvia and I was really upset. Complained to sis and she said she was going to buy one and could bring it over. When she brought it over she repeated several times that I’d better not think she was giving it to me… which meant she was giving it to me. I must say I’m surprised and also secretly really, REALLY happy and this is in fact one of the best gifts I’ve ever received because of its perfect timing. The moments I capture from here with my polaroids may never come again so here’s a big fat THANK YOU to my sis who is secretly the one true constant in my life and we both know it. 

Paris, je t’aime

Paris – the city of love, the city of lights – ‘La Ville – Lumiere’

Paris fell slightly short of my geographical imagination, but just very slightly. A lot of times I gauge a city’s beauty and my fondness for it on its weather, which is admittedly unfair. A city that welcomes me with blue skies and white clouds and embraces me with its sunshine makes me smile as I take it all in. A city that is cold, rainy and gloomy evokes a very different mood. Paris was bright and sunny and all things lovely on 2 sunny days, out of the 5 days there.

Paris, je t’aime is one my favouritest and most memorable movies that I find myself gushing over the moment it ended. I guess I was pretty happy to be here.

The most (and only) branded thing we bought

the very first escargots i’ve eaten in my life