Gunung Inerie, Bajawa, Flores Island, Indonesia

one of my favourite hikes for sure- such a gorgeous view. i wonder if i’d be able to allow myself to go on such hikes after i have children. honestly, looking at these make me feel like WOW I love hiking – i want to go climb more mountains and catch these amazing exclusive views. on the other hand i get a nagging feeling that when i have children, im going to struggle a lot with my decision to go – plagued with guilt, questioning my decision to embark on a perceptively more risky venture and potential repercussions. help!!! i know cz will support me in whatever i want to do, so it will definitely be ME and me having to come to terms with whatever decisions i make.
We were up there!
Our little young guide who’s gonna share his experience with us during his school’s show-and tell
11 years old i think
oh my gawd the neverending trail
this was the trek that tore my backside of my leggings because i was so tired i kept sliding down instead of using my legs LOL
someone fell
post-hike shiokness






this picture is metaphorical on many levels
























such an amazing view








Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Flores Island, Indonesia

Pink Beach at Komodo National Park
These pink granules are more clearly seen when you peer closely at them. From a first glance, it’s only obvious after some intense Instagram filter for the pink to show.


a very slight….. pinkish hue?



Snorkelling there was amazing though, one of the most beautiful places I’ve snorkelled. We were so close to the sea urchins, the corals and the waters were incredibly clear!
Not so good for tourism’s impact on the environment though, the proximity to the corals probably increases the chances of them getting damaged by mankind.


Mt Kelimutu, Flores Island, Indonesia

Woke up early to catch the glorious sunrise of Kelimutu










Frankly, considering the extra flight needed to get to Ende (where Kelimutu was), i’m not so sure it was worth it. The tri-colour lake was quite nice, and the walk was rather relaxed (from memory), not a particularly tough walk up to the viewpoint. When we reached at about 550am, there were already several people there waiting for the sunrise.
There’s many natural beauty in Indonesia – if I had less time (less than a week), i might probably cut this out.
Beautiful day!


Gunung Sumbing, Indonesia

5days 4nights Sumbing – Sindoro!
One of my favourite hiking trips – why? I think it’s because it was my first time camping overnight in the mountains with CZ (though it’s our more-than-10th-hike i think).

rainbow after the rain :’) it had rained almost all night; i fell asleep to the pitter-patter of the rain and woke up to this. 

everyone wants a photo with the singapore flag!

i love drinking avocado juice in Indonesia! The sambal chilli was also awesome. SS Sambal

























I had lots of fun, and even though it was really tiring and I ached the next day – I’d say the second-hardest for me after my first agung – i really enjoyed it and it’s one of my favourite hikes 🙂


Gunung Sindoro, Indonesia

One of my favourite hikes – Sumbing – Sindoro, back-to-back, but what a satisfying trip.
The scenery was amazing, and being above the clouds was absolutely a captivating experience; i sometimes still replay being atop Sindoro, with the rolling sea of clouds.





this is my silhouette; i couldn’t stand upright like Annie above. Evidently, i wasn’t confident enough and felt shaky to be on a rock high up, i really couldnt boldly stand upright like she did. not that it particularly mattered to me anyway













i know the following photos are a little repetitive – but im going to leave them for ease of options :p













5. Medan City, Medan, Indonesia (FOOD)

hmm, threats in a city…

my faveeeeeeeee

durian shop – the shop that dedicated itself to selling durians. it was delicious, the durians, we shared, ate and ubered back. it was really crowded too.


yum food


moments of relaxation in a HaMMOCK – i thought to myself as i lay there – forget the stress. this is the life




simple but so good



eating here beats eating in flores island for sure

4.2 CSing near Sibayak, Medan, Indonesia

Another CS experience to remember. 

The family members were gathered on the mat on the floor after dinner, chewing on their bethel nuts. She showed me how to wrap it up for the final product.

leaves, first. all ingredients obtainable from the nearby small shops / the market.


married couple.


looking through wedding photos.

it’s funny, but they had multiple copies (10?) of their wedding photoshoot, this one. they insisted on giving this to us.
past vs present. happiness is simple?
just sitting. eating. chilling.
huddled in the living room.
we slept on the mats in the living room. it reminded me of the time in kampong luong.


4. Mount Sibayak, Medan, Indonesia

One of my favourite hikes, because
1) it was a low-effort, high-rewards kind of hike :p
2) relatively manageable – yet confronted with so many geographical features up close. the hissing vents! the massive crater. accompanied by the sulfur scent (?)
The pink hue in the morning, when we started our walk uphill. I recall staring in wonder as the glow of the sun’s rays reflected off the rough brown surface of the volcanic slopes, turning into a pinkish orangey glow. 

at this point, we started hearing some crackling sounds. 

going on – as you can see, a relatively flat terrain.

nearing some hissing vents

some people were taking selfies near the active vents – directly in front. check out ‘mount sibayak’ on instagram’s location tags to see their selfie videos with the hissing sulfur.
i wouldnt do it, duh.

the start of the rocky uphill

looking down / back upon a vast landscape

seems like it’s an inactive(?) and dried-up crater; people had climbed down and placed volcanic rocks beneath, to form heart-shapes, love and friendship declarations boldly strewn across.

summit! gorgeous.
that moving mist – it was somewhat scary, i wasnt sure what it was. what gas, or cloud? it was hard to tell. not cloud. some volcanic belch. hmm

Mt Sinabung right across is apparently one of the most active volcanoes in the region. I briefly wondered how it’d be if it were to erupt during my time in the summit there and then. D:

another view of the crater

closer-up of Mt Sinabung. look at that belch D:

there were just so many views, angles in this terrain. that’s what made Mt Sibayak a ++ too, this view from the summit looks different from the other viewpoint.